What To Do With Your Rare Gold Nugget Finds

Gold nuggets are naturally formed pieces of gold that are found in streams, by panning or dredging. They can also be found using metal detectors. They are also called “Placer gold”.

Some interesting facts about gold nuggets:

– Gold nuggets contain 83% to 95% pure gold

– Gold nuggets found in Australia often contain more than 95% gold.

– The welcome stranger is the biggest gold nugget found in Australia in 1869. It weighed about 72 kilograms

– Less than 0.5% of all nuggets contain crystalline quartz inclusions 

-The gold industry supplies ” artificial nuggets” to jewellers and goldsmiths. These are usually available as 10K, 14K to 24K purity

People find gold nuggets all the time. The gold rush in Australia and the Yukon in North America have inspired a lot of small scale miners as well as part time fossickers. It’s a fascination that many still have. Not all gold nuggets are sold. Some people choose to pass on their finds to family while some hold on to them hoping for a big pay out when the price of gold goes up. 

Gold nuggets are not only valuable because of the gold they contain. They are also valuable to collectors because of their rarity. Gold nuggets that weigh more than an ounce are rarer than 5 carat diamonds. 

So how much can you expect to get for your nuggets and how ot get the best gold price? Nuggets might be rare, but for you to get the most amount of money for them you would have to have a nugget with a substantial weight. The value of nuggets depends on the amount of gold in them and what gold price the dealer is offering. They would have to be melted down and refined to get all the impurities in them. However, there are few big nuggets on the market and melting the big ones is sometimes regarded to be irresponsible. The best thing to do when you have a nugget, is to sell gold nuggets Melbourne to a buyer who understands how rare nuggets are who will give you a value that takes into account the other aspects that make nuggets valuable. 

Who buys natural gold nuggets?

There are a large number of gold buyers in Australia who buy gold nuggets, you simply have to drive down your city’s main street to find the many gold dealers who want to buy your gold nuggets. Also check the gold price on their website.

Some gold nuggets are actually quartz specimens with gold in them. These are valued more for their beauty than for the gold. There are plenty of jewellers and collectors who will buy such specimens. This why it is important to take your time when looking for a gold buyer, especially if you aren’t sure of the nugget you have on hand. 

Shop your gold around and look for buyers who can offer a premium price that is above the melt value. Small nuggets will fetch a lower price than bigger specimens. A business that will readily melt your gold will rarely pay more than 80% of the spot prices.

Like with most other things gold nuggets can be sold online. It’s not just on eBay where you can sell gold nuggets, there are a number of online gold buyers that are based in various cities across Australia that buy gold nuggets. There are lots of dealers who would be willing to give you a good price for your nugget. Take your time to find the right buyer to sell gold nuggets Melbourne to. 

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