What Can I Do And What are My Rights If I Receive Debt Letters From Walker Love?

There is a thin line that separates an experienced credit management agency from others. Despite being a thin line, only a few agencies belong to this other side. But Walker Love, a family company that has stood the test of time has earned all it takes to belong to this site meant for only the best. Their strength and vigor that has helped them to keep standing in the storms of the financial world for several decades never cease to amuse me. This drove my curiosity to want to know more about them.

Established in Scotland in the year 1946, Walker Love is a credit management firm with several accreditations to its name. Since their inception, they have been able to spread their tentacles to all the 6 different Sheriffdoms across Scotland. This allows them to reach both individuals and businesses across Scotland, offering debt recovery, investigation, and citation and diligence services.

Another thing that amuses me is their high number of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers that were groomed to respect the rights of debtors irrespective of how terrible the situation is. I know this because I have once had an encounter with them.

What are the usual actions taken by Walker Love when it comes to debt Recovery

From my encounter with Walker Love, they are as transparent as possible. They come out plain with no hidden facts. This makes the whole process easy for me the debtor and they the debt recovery agent. Their first action was to contact me over a debt I have failed to service and was way overdue. After that, I got another document asking how I intend to make payments, either in installments or full payment.

When that was done and there wasn’t a single reply from me, they took their next action which was using their sheriff officers to take legal actions. This legal action was made possible with the help of diligence. With this, they can carry out earnings or bank arrestments, file a court to get an Exceptional Attachment Order, inhibition of property, and Bankruptcy.

How can I stop Walker Love from taking legal actions?

Like it is often said, prevention is better than cure. In my own opinion, the best thing to do in the first place is to reply to their messages at the earlier stage, giving a detailed explanation as to how payments will be made. Although from my encounter with them, I got to know of several ways to stop them from taking legal action.

My first discovery was to always check if the debt is not overdue. According to The Prescriptions and Limitations Act of 1973, any debt older than 5 years should be considered overdue.

The second step to take is to get Time to Pay Directions order from the court. This court order put a stop to all Walker Love’s legal action and allowed me to repay the debt in installments on either a weekly or monthly basis.

What are my legal rights if I receive debt letters from Walker Love?

  • As a debtor, I have the right to seek a court order to get a TTPD order to prevent the wrath of legal actions
  • Sheriffs are not allowed to show up on my doorsteps until after two consecutive debt letters with no replies from me
  • I have the right to pay in installments

Being one of the oldest credit company in Scotland, Walker Love debt collectors has proven to be one of the best in Scotland.


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