Reviewing many benefits of customs brokers in Canada

Let’s start with one single fact – There is no rule that states that you need a customs broker to import goods into Canada. In other words, if you are an importer, you can always go through the customs clearance process on your own, without relying on customs brokers. However, the role of a customs broker extends beyond that. Working with a reliable broker, such as Clearit customs clearance, has many benefits for importers, exporters, and businesses engaging in international trade.

The role of a customs broker

A customs brokers helps clients in getting their goods cleared across the border. Most importers rely on these customs brokers to get help with various matters related to CBSA and also to understand the rules and regulations better. Even small issues with documentation and paperwork can have serious consequences, leading to high penalties and other issues, which can be avoided. Many customs brokers advice clients on imports & exports, offering help with tariff classifications, free trade agreements, calculation of duties & taxes, and much more.

Help with everything related to importing

If you are into importing, you can focus on your business, instead of finding changes in regulation, compliance needs and laws, because your customs broker would take care of everything. They also offer help in finding legal ways to reduce your importing costs, taxes, and refunds, and they can take care of customs clearance, with shipments being cleared in as little as 20 minutes. With the help of automated tools, they can find importing costs right away, and also, you can get help anytime – around the clock and beyond business hours. Today, customs brokers send documents and papers to CBSA directly via electronic media, which simplifies the clearance process.

What about the costs?

Yes, there is no denying that working with a customs broker will increase importing costs, but if you consider the ways in which they save money for your business, the price is worth paying. Of course, not all customs brokers are same, so do your homework and select one with experience, expertise and incredible reviews. A reliable customs broker is probably the biggest asset for any importer.

In conclusion

All customs brokers in Canada are licensed by CBSA, and they have eased the process of importing for every client, in different ways. They can also guide your business as how to engage in international trade, keep up with compliance and paperwork, and avoid the mistakes, which can otherwise prove to be expensive.

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