How to run desktop wallets for Bitcoin

Compared to online and mobile wallets, the desktop wallet tends to be one of the best in the bitcoin profit app. They are downloaded and installed directly to your computer, ensuring that your private key is stored on the hard drive.

They are secure as compared to the mobile and online wallets due to the fact that, they don’t rely on a third party for their data and thus, hard to be stolen. The online and mobile wallets,since they are still connected to the internet, that makes them insecure too. With the desktop wallets, you get a solution to do small bitcoin trades from the computer.

There are various options of desktop wallets which are able to cater for various needs with some focusing on security while others focus on anonymity. They include:

  • Electrum: it operates on Linux, Mac OS,and windows. It is one of the most popular, effective, robust,and secure wallets for the desktop. Being an open source, it allows you to replace a fee for transaction on a transaction which is already broadcasted, thereby speeding up the process of confirmation; encryption, and address tagging.
  • Atomic wallet: Operates on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is a popular crypto wallet which has 500+ assets keys which are securely encrypted onto your device enabling you to instantly buy crypto option, instant exchange, 24/7 help line and custody free app.
  • Exodus: Runs on the Mac OS, Linux and Windows platform. It is user friendly, reliable and easy to understand wallet
  • Bitcoin core: Operates on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. It is a full node wallet which for you to use it, you will need to download the entire blockchain. It will allow you to verify transactions independently and thus, no need to rely on the system of someone else. This is efficiency at its peak.

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