How Can I Sell Luxury Watches at a Check Cashing Store?

So, you have a luxury watch that you no longer wear. If yes, then you can sell luxury watches at a check-cashing store for a good and reasonable price. There is a vast market for luxury watches. They are readily available to buy your watch. But before you do that, here are some tips on how to sell them to get high offers.

Assess Conditions

Clean and assess the condition of the watch—test for functionality and scratches. If you’re about to sell your watch to a store, you’ll want to ensure that your watch runs perfectly and that there are no major cosmetic problems to your watch. The check-cashing stores aren’t involved in watches a step below higher-end watches that will lose them money to sell because it’s not effective.


Cleaning a watch is a very careful process. Sometimes brushing or using cleaning agents on your watch can damage the watch’s appearance, which then destroys its value. Always wipe away the dirt or dust with a paper napkin and water. If polishing is required, let that be the store’s problem.

Watch Cleaning Suggestions Before Your Sell Your Luxury Watch

  • Avoid harsh cleaning agents
  • To perform it safe, use a paper napkin and warm water to clean the dirt off your watch
  • Pay heed to hard-to-reach spaces
  • Do not use stiff brush bristles – make use of an extra soft brush to get in the difficult to reach places on a metal band and watch top
  • If you have a leather strap, use a leather cleaner if needed
  • If you’re ready to invest the time, ask a local jeweler how much it would take to buff out any marks on the watch head – it might be worth it if it leads to a higher evaluation


If you hold the box and papers that arrive with the watch, it will help your case get the biggest offer possible. Check Cashing stores love the whole package. If you get them the watch and the box, it arrives with, that will prompt them to offer you a great offer on your watch.

Although it might sound insignificant, assembling any tags, warranty, or original piece of paper that arrived with your watch actually makes it seem more authentic to the store owner. This, in turn, will enable them to feel more certain in selling your watch to different customer. Don’t undervalue the power of perceived value!

Extra Parts

Do you remember taking out a link from your watch to make it fit better or putting away extra links that arrived with the watch? Did any stones drop out of the watch top? If so, check your chest if you still own them. When it is about selling a watch or any other used item, completeness will enhance the set’s observed value and appear in a higher payout.

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