HDFC Personal Loan especially for Individuals living in Metro Cities like Delhi/NCR or Mumbai

Metro cities have people living a fast-paced life. People here are ambitious and work day and night to fulfil their goals and dreams. The standard of living for people in the metros has an edge over those who live in smaller cities or villages. As the saying goes, people here love to work hard and party harder. They love to spend their money on vacations, gadgets, cars, weddings etc. And to counter to their needs, various banks, financial institutions and NBFCs offer personal loans at a varied rate of interest and terms and conditions. HDFC bank is the most sought bank in these metro cities which offers personal loan at competitive rates and charges.

Personal loans are great financial saviours which can be used as per one’s will. The lender doesn’t evaluate the creditworthiness based on how the personal loan amount will be used. Apply personal loan for Delhi/NCR with HDFC bank which offers the best deal and offers to its esteemed customers. HDFC personal loan comes bounded by eligibility criteria which one must comply with to avoid getting their application rejected.

The eligibility criteria for HDFC Personal loan includes:

  • The applicant must be a minimum of 21 years old and a maximum of 60 years old.
  • The applicant must be employed with any private limited company or shall be an employee of public sector undertakings.
  • The applicant must be employed for a minimum 2 years of which 1 year shall be the present employee.
  • The applicant applying for a personal loan in metro cities must have a minimum salary of Rs. 20000 per month.

HDFC personal loan eligibility calculator helps you with checking your eligibility online. One can either do it online by visiting their portal, by visiting the selected HDFC branches or even by applying via select fintech partners of HDFC Banks like LoansJagat. Quick loan approval and fast disbursal of sanctioned loan amount make the HDFC personal loan highly covetable.

HDFC customers can get great offers, low-interest rates and minimal charges. They also offer great deals to the first time loan applicants. HDFC personal loan offers much-needed flexibility on loan tenure and the applicant can even choose the EMI as per their financial profile.  Their personal loan EMI calculator helps one to know about the EMI which one can pay off comfortably.

HDFC Bank’s loan application process is simple. One can visit their online portal or enablers like LoansJagat and fill in the loan application form which includes entering basic KYC and financial information. Post that the bank also seeks few documents which are mandatory for loan application processing. The following documents are required to be submitted by the applicant along with the HDFC personal loan application.

  • Identity proof documents
  • Address proof documents
  • Last 3 months bank statement
  • Salary slip of last 2 months

HDFC Personal loan attracts the interest rate of 10.75%-21.30% which can be negotiated with if you have good relations with the bank or have a good credit profile. A processing charge of 2.50% is also levied on the loan amount. If you have a good credit score, then you can ask the bank to offer you a better interest rate deal. HDFC Personal loan in Mumbai is the perfect way to meet personal expenses.

There is no dearth of lenders in the market who are willing to give personal loans to the borrowers. It is always advisable to compare different lenders before finalising on the one. A loan is a long term commitment between the lender and the borrower and getting all the things sorted in terms of loan interest rate, loan amount and loan tenure help you in smooth sailing. Fintech enablers like LoansJagat offer an excellent platform where one can compare different lenders and choose the one which best suits their needs and requirements. It is important to note that whether you live in a metro city like Delhi/NCR or Mumbai or in some other city one must get all the terms and conditions clear with the lender before the beginning of the loan tenure. HDFC Bank believes in transparent dealings and has attractive offers for its customers. Their code of conduct and loan processing process is customer friendly and hassle-free. One can rely on HDFC bank as a proficient lender who understands your personal emergency and financial needs and takes care of quick loan approval and disbursal.

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