GlobalTrading26 Review – The Safety Features That Make It the Best


Is safety an important concern for you while trading online? If yes, then you are on the right track. People, who start trading and don’t pay attention to security, can end up in places they wouldn’t ever want to. What a lot of online traders don’t realize is that not all online platforms are safe for them. If you are looking for the right one, I think this GlobalTrading26 review will be a great start for you. So, ignore when others call GlobalTrading26 scam because you will soon find out that they are not telling you the truth. I am going to specifically talk about the safety features that make any online company a legitimate company. 

You will find many online platforms where you can trade hundreds of assets, but that’s not enough at all. Just like me, you will soon understand that safety is the most important feature even if others are missing. So, let’s take a look at the safety features of GlobalTrading26 that make it a great trading platform. 


This is the first thing that I will talk about because you will not see it on every platform. There are many companies that are providing you with great trading services. However, they are keeping their doors opened for money launderers and identity thieves by not adhering to the KYC and AML policies. If you don’t know about them, let me tell you. AML policy is all about anti-money laundering, which means the platform will not allow anyone who is suspected of money laundering to sign up with it and start trading. There are many different security checks and measures in place to make sure the person is not a money launderer.

In addition to that, KYC is about Know Your Customer, which means every online broker is supposed to know its customers by obtaining personal information. Unless the company you are signing up with is asking for your personal details, identification number, and a picture of the ID card, you can be sure you are not on the right platform. 

Segregated Accounts and Encrypted Info

You have to ask your online trading platform about this particular feature. In most cases, you will know about them right from the website of the company. Yes, they usually provide you with details on their encryption protocols and segregated account feature on the website. Segregated accounts mean that your money goes into accounts that are not holding the money of the broker. At the same time, these accounts are maintained at only the best banks of the world. These are regulated banks and belong to the tier-1 bank group. 

In addition to that, you have the encryption of information. This means the broker you are signing up with will code your information in such a way that any hackers on the internet will not be able to make heads or tails of your info. GlobalTrading26 uses the best protocols to provide you with that service. 


Can you even think about signing up with a company that does not have licensing in place? If the company that you are thinking about being a part of does not have any license, you can be sure that they are not serious with the business. In fact, this piece of info can be a great help for you to know if you are signing up with a scam online. However, in this particular case, you will be happy to know that the company is properly licensed to deliver its services to traders from around the world. You can actually find the actual license right on the website of this company. 

Final Thoughts

Trust me when I say that I have not seen any other broker on the internet that gives you the actual license right on its website. At the same time, the adherence to the KYC and AML policies along with information encryption ensures that you are signing up with the right platform. 

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