Follow These Steps And Never Go Wrong With Your Travel Insurance Claims

Whether it is a leisure, work or vacation purpose, overseas travel insurance plans are for everybody who is travelling anywhere around the world. International travel insurance plan is available for a single trip or for multi-trips. It has to be renewed before the completion of the policy term to further enjoy the benefits.

There are times when customers are not able to file the claims in due time with the insurer even after proper documentation. This might result in rejection of your claim or even a delay in reimbursement of your travel insurance claims.

Following are some travel insurance claim scenarios and the steps one needs to follow while making a claim:

Medical and Accidental Emergencies

If in case you fall sick due to climatic conditions then you can use your travel insurance. You can get the best treatment along with emergency evacuation to your home country with travel insurance. You can avail cashless treatment in a foreign land and save yourself from the expensive medical bill if your claim is accepted.

You need to keep all your medical reports, prescriptions and payment receipts or any documents mentioned in the claim procedure for easy claim settlement. Crosscheck whether all the documents are dated, duly signed and stamped. You may need to submit a police FIR report in case of an accident claim.

Delay of Checked Baggage

While travelling abroad, the loss and delay of baggage is quite common. You can submit payment receipts to the insurer for the items you purchased due to delay in the checked-in baggage delivery. To file reimbursement from the insurer, you need to submit the tickets, a copy of the boarding pass, and a copy of your passport and baggage delivery receipt to confirm travel dates.

Loss of Passport

You can file a police FIR and inform the travel insurance company about the loss. Thus, it is recommended to always carry a copy of your passport to avoid trouble in such a scenario. While obtaining a new passport, you need to have receipts of all the expenses incurred and submit these receipts while lodging your claim after coming home. The insurer needs required documents such as identity proofs, embassy and passport office receipts, and a copy of the cancelled cheque, emergency travel certificate and a copy of a new passport.

Trip Curtailment/Cancellation

At times due to family and health emergencies, you might need to cancel your trip. You can claim for the monetary loss suffered due to trip cancellation or curtailment to your insurer.

Immediately inform your insurer about the change of plan or any emergency. You need to provide documents as proof mentioning the reason for cancellation or curtailment of the trip.

Additional Travel Insurance Benefits

Various insurance companies also offer many other benefits. A student travel insurance plan is also very helpful for any student travelling abroad for further studies.You can select the following benefits depending upon the plan and the insurance company. However, depending upon the insurer, the procedure varies.

  1. Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover benefit gives you the coverage against any accidental injuries or an unfortunate event of death succumbing to such physical injuries. In such a case, you will get compensation by your insurer for your legal nominee or representative. The compensation will be in adherence to the policy terms and conditions.

  1. Coverage for Permanent or Total Disability

Overseas travel insurance acts as a savior if the insured person succumbs to any accidental injury or disability that involves impairment or permanent damage to either limb, or vision in a single or both the eyes.


You must follow the timeline given by the travel insurer in order to settle your overseas travel insurance claims. The insurer might settle your claim at the same time if you submit all the essential details and documents. You can also opt for family travel insurance to protect your loved ones while travelling abroad.

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