Factors To Consider When Searching For An Accountant

There is a shortage of accountants in London. More people need to study accounting. It is a lucrative profession. Accountants earn a good salary, and they enjoy many benefits.

Because of the shortage of accountants, finding the right accountant isn’t easy. There are people out there who are masquerading as accountants. There is the need to separate the genuine accountants from the fake ones.

Time and effort should be dedicated to the process of finding an Accountant in London. The process shouldn’t be hurried if a business wants to end up with the best accountant in North London. Some factors need to be considered.


The qualifications of an accountant should be considered. The best accountant has at least a Bachelor’s degree in the financial field. It would be good if the accountant majored in accounting at university. The college where the professional studied must be considered. There are universities that are known for producing top-of-the-cream accountants. It is important to verify whether the degree certificate is genuine. That can be done by contacting the academic institution where a person studied.

Performance in high school must also be considered. Great accountants excelled in mathematic while in high school.


An accountant in London who has been certified should be the ultimate choice. The certification path isn’t easy. A person will have to study for years before they are certified. The road to certification will begin after an individual graduate from university.

To become certified in the UK, an accountant will need to sit for the ACCA examinations. If they successfully pass this exam, they will become certified.

The law states that a certified accountant must do independent auditing. An accountant who is not certified can only perform limited tasks. They cannot prepare financial statements such as balance sheet and profit & loss account.


Nothing beats experience. An experienced accountant will deliver a lot to an organization. They will be able to solve challenges.

With experience comes the sharpening of skills. The best North London accountancy firm has the most experienced accountants.


It is advisable to find the most reputable accountant. Such an accountant will not disappoint. To know whether or not a professional is reputable, research has to be done. The internet is the best source of information. One can also obtain referrals and recommendations from friends. An accountant who delivered in the past is likely to deliver in the present.

The Bottom-Line

A small business will need one or two accountants. A company will require several accountants. There is the need to interview a number of accountants and finally make a choice. The professional history of an accountant should be taken into account. There is the need to confirm whether a candidate is certified.

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