Everything You Should Know About Cashless Network Hospitals

Understanding Cashless Network Hospitals

With the increasing cost of health care, many people are vouching on health insurance policies to overcome medical bills without any financial stress. Health insurance is beneficial for availing the best medical services against skyrocketing hospital fees for medical treatment. The insured has to pay the annual premium, whereas the insurer covers their hospital expenses.

In cashless claims, the insured is not required to pay for medical bills from their own pocket. The health insurance company pays off their hospital bill directly. Although, this is only valid if the insured visits a network hospital thatis affiliated with the insurance company.

The network hospitals have their tie-ups with the health insurance companies. On a deferred payment basis, it permits the insured members to avail of the best treatment in network hospitals.

Healthcare has turned accessible and affordable due to cashless hospitalization. The insured does not have to worry about the hefty hospital bills during the course of treatment.

How do Cashless Network Hospitals Work?

The policyholder can visit the nearest network hospital and avail medical treatment without making payment at the hospital. It includes room rent, admission charges, treatment cost, and ambulance cost and doctor/specialist fees.

The hospital bills would be settled as per the sum insured limit opted by you. The health insurance provider (except particular treatments not covered by your insurance company) would pay all the expenses mentioned above.

Advantages of Taking Treatment in Cashless Network Hospitals

When a person is admitted to the hospital for medical treatment (emergency or routine), then it can be stressful for the family and the patient as well. These days all the private hospitals insisting on payment of bills periodically, families have to juggle to pay off exorbitant bills to continue with the treatment.

With cashless health insurance, all the medical bills are borne by the health insurance company after completion of the treatment or before being discharged. A top up health insurance plan also has the option to be claimed using the cashless procedure so you do not have to

You can avail treatment even if the insured person is in a hospital away from home considering that the preferred hospital is a network hospital associated with the insurance provider. Cashless treatment facilities are provided by many health insurance companies in network hospitals across the country. Refer to the website of your provider for a list of hospitals located in your vicinity.

The network hospitals work as a redeeming quality if the insured person is facing financial problems or in case of emergency hospitalization. The insured members are assured of quality treatment without a financial burden.

How to Lodge a Health Claim through a Cashless Network Hospital?

Follow the below process to register health insurance claims. However, it may vary from one insurer to another.

– To authorize cashless hospitalization, you need to inform your health insurance company in the event of planned hospitalizations

– In case of an emergency procedure or surgery, you need to inform your insurer within 24 hours of admissionto the hospital

– Some insurers, to avail cashless medical treatment, at any of the network hospitals provide the insured members with a health card

Summing up

Before buying a health insurance policy, make sure that it offers cashless health insurance. It will remove the financial burden that may come with the illness or surgery or hospitalization. In addition, always make sure to read the policy wordings that mentions its coverage and limitations.

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