Everything you need to know about importing to the US

Are you new in the import/export business? If you have no idea, this can eventually turn out to be a problem for you. Importing to the US is often considered to be a difficult task because of all the complications involved. Every small detail needs to be addressed and the rules of government needs to be complied by to avoid any inconvenience. 

For your guide to importing to the US, you should have some idea about the Other Government Department permits, custom forms and so much more. It is better to get in touch with an expert custom clearance company who can offer an insight to it. 

Some of the important requirements of US import include the following

Do I need a custom broker? 

Customs clearance is often referred to as customs release and it is one of the main things to consider when importing to the US. Whether or not you need a customs broker completely depends on the shipment. 

It is necessary to be familiar with the US Customs and Border Protection to ensure all goods are imported in the US thereby avoiding the risk of informal entry. If your good needs a formal entry, you will need to get in touch with a customs broker. 

Get all your documents ready

When importing to the US, you will need a set of documents that will help you in the long run. Here is the list of documents that you will need with each shipment. 

  • OGD document
  • Commodity specific requirements
  • Bill of Landing
  • Customs/commercial invoice

Pay import duty fees and taxes

Duty fees are paid directly to CBP. The pay however is completely dependent on the products that will be sent to the US. Beginners may not have any idea about this and only expert custom clearance and IOR will be responsible for paying the fees. 

Getting in touch with a customs broker can ease the work for you with them needing to pay the duty fee on your behalf. They can set up an invoice and allow you payment directly to the US Customs. 

Mostly, payments depend on the customs. It is necessary to get in touch with experts and customs brokers who can do a thorough research and help you find the accurate information. Wrong or incorrect classification can harm your business and hence, many importers working with professionals who can classify their goods, thereby avoiding the risk of penalties. 

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