Customise Your Diamond Ring and make a good investment

Diamonds are forever, from being a sparkling spectator to life’s best moments and carrying the legacy for generations to come. Since the late 15th century, diamonds have been preferred as a stone of choice to mark off engagements, i.e. start life’s most valuable journeys. The versatility and variety of every diamonds make it even easier to customise your diamond ring according to your preference. But due to limited supply in the market, diamonds are pretty expensive and may not fit everyone’s budget.

Why are diamonds so expensive?

  • All diamonds mined are not of the expected color

To be classified as an acceptable grade, the color of diamonds plays a pivotal role; the more colorless or whiter the stone is, the more value it holds. Stones with yellowish hues are not as valuable as their white counterparts.

  • Higher the clarity, more expensive and rare it is

Most of the diamonds found in naturecontain a lot of internal flaws and imperfections. Getting hold of a higher clarity diamond with rare spots and flaws are tough and are generally tough to find.

But with the advancement of technologies, mankind found an alternative way to get hold of the most sought after stone i.e. diamond, and lab grown diamonds caught people’s attention. In short, lab grown diamonds are way cheaper than its mined alternatives and it has the same characteristics and chemical composition as its mined counterpart.

What are lab grown diamonds?

  • As the name suggests, the diamonds which are made in a controlled environment by humans under high pressure and temperature in a laboratory are known as lab grown diamonds.
  • The lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as compared to natural diamonds.
  • There are two different techniques used to make a lab diamond, i.e. 1) High-Pressure High-Temperature Technique 2) Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique.
  • Lab-grown diamonds though have subtle inclusions and variations derived from human errors but are much more refined as compared to the type of inclusions and flaws a natural diamond has.
  • As they are lab-made, it gives the freedom to customise your diamond ring according to your desired shape and design.

Why choose a lab grown diamond?

Let’s face it, diamonds are extremely expensive and it may be intimidating for people to find one of their choices and in the budget. Apparently from the past few centuries, diamonds have become an inseparable part of marking important achievements and starting precious life journeys like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc. But with the current economic conditions, it is not an easy task to customise your diamond ring with natural diamonds. Thanks to lab-grown diamonds, now any of you can customise your diamond ringwithout making a hole in your pocket or jeopardizing your financial commitments.

Are lab grown diamonds worth it?

In short “yes”, but let’s take a look into some of the points to clarify-

  • Chemically and structurally it has the same composition as a natural diamond.
  • It cost a fraction of the price that is 70% less of a naturally mined diamond
  • As it is lab-made, it helps to maintain ecological balance by avoiding mining activities.
  • It lets you customise your diamond ring, even if you are on a tight budget.
  • Being reasonably priced, it allows the purchasers to indulge in diamond fetishes without compromising their financial capacity.


Diamonds are true as special as your occasions, for which you plan to customise your diamond ring, but the lab-made ones give you the freedom to focus on the other important financial necessities of life too.

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